Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Letter from Senior Chief Geoff Ross

Greetings Patriots,
The Obama administration is out of Viagra and the State Department is going into melt down.  Hillary is like a dead hamster ... yet the wheel is still turning.
The Pentagon is asleep and the Middle East is falling into anarchy.  Saudi Arabia will be the last Imam standing and we still aren't drilling for oil in the United States or building new refineries.
Questions ...

What happened to our Carrier Battle Group that is supposed to be manning the Mediterranean Sea to buffer the egress points at the Suez Canal ?  
Why are pirates from Somalia killing American citizens ? Why is Obama silent on this ? Ronald Reagan would be already firing up squadrons of    F-111's to decimate ports along the Somali Coast and taking out the mother ships. 

His address to the nation would be underway. John F. Kennedy would be blockading the Arabian Gulf  and telling Russia to quit building nuclear reactors in Iran or we are going to kick your ass !!! 
Obama, get your cranium out of your Gluteus Maximus and start protecting this country !!
Why did we take 13 Somali pirates 'prisoner'  (correction) ?  Did the SEALs read them their rights in Arabic ?  Did the SEALs give them all a can of enfamil and autographed pictures of Eric Holder under Orders from Obama ?
It's okay, we, the taxpayer, will take care of them in jails in New York.  They get Al Jazeerah on Cable TV at Rikers Island.  
What happened to the 4 fast attack submarines that are supposed to be patroling the Mediterranean?   Oh, that's right, the base in La Maddalena, Italy has been closed by the regime. 
Why is Iran sending warships through the Suez Canal ? Because they can !!
Folks,  I think we all need to have 6 - 9 months of cash on hand at the house and be ready for a Stock Market melt down.  War against Israel is looming. 
As for Obama. Someone wake him up and let him know it is okay to use our Navy as a buffer in the Mediterranean Sea to keep order from chaos. But who respects the United States with Obama at the helm ? 
I reckon Israel is feeling mighty lonely right now.  They must be loading up on ammo and beans.
As for the United States.  All the Karl Marx backed Unions are rising up from their people power hiding places demanding that we tax payers work harder to pay for their benefits. Folks, we are broke.  We ain't got any more money.  The back room deals are finally coming home to roost and Democrats in Wisconsin are AWOL out of state.  
Senior Chief Geoff Ross

U.S. Navy (ret.)  850-313-1893
Forward Deployed in the Eastern          Mediterranean Sea, 1990 - 1993
SEAL Team supp
Submarine combat supp
First in silent and deadly.
Don't even leave footprints !!


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